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Corn Recipes

Corn Recipes

The Corn Festival is starting a new tradition by posting family-favorite corn recipes. We would especially love for you to join our tradition!

Submit your one-of-a-kind corn recipes to us on Facebook and we will definitely  feature them on our social media and website!

Sweet Corn Frozen Pops

Marie Porter is the mastermind behind this recipe. Sweet Corn Frozen Pops are featured in her new cookbook, “Maize Craze: Spectacular Sweet Corn Recipes". In addition to this wonderful recipe, the book details more than 65 recipes that are easy to make and tasty. Her cookbook is available for purchase at major booksellers online and also through her website.

Summer Corn Salad

This light and delicious corn dish is the perfect side to balance out your summer meal. Summer corn salad pairs wonderfully with burgers, grilled chicken, or the perfect slab of ribs. Try creating your own herb vinaigrette for a fresh twist.

Cheesy Corn Bites

These cheesy little bites will keep your guests coming back for more! Not only are they delicious, they are also so easy to make! Keep this treat in the back of your mind and make it for your next event.

Corn Cookies

This corny sweet treat is a wonderful treat for any time of year. This recipe just might be the greatest corn recipe we’ve had the pleasure of discovering!

This recipe combines all the things we love, corn and sweets!! Tell us what you think of this recipe on Facebook!

Street Corn

Mmmm!! This adaptation of the Mexican specialty, elote, is a wonderful summer treat! The flavors are rich and creamy, and each bite leaves you wanting more.

Want to know the best part about this recipe? You don’t even have to make it!! We will be serving this at the festival this year, but with our famous Amish-style corn, rather than grilled!

More recipes to come!

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