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Junior Committee

Ever wonder what it’s like to work behind the scenes at one of the best festivals in the area? Would you like to be a mascot?

Jr Corn Festival CommitteeAre you between the ages of 12 and 18 and still in school this fall? Then the Junior Corn Festival Committee is for YOU! Now in our 13th Year, the Jr. CFC, is a very active part of the annual North Ridgeville Corn Festival.

We help all over the grounds and all throughout the weekend, including at these events:

  • Mascots
  • Classic Car Show
  • Corn Eating Contest
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Grande Parade
  • Corn Tent

We are bigger and better than ever, helping in more areas around the festival than before! Join us and don’t just come to the Cornfest, BE the Corn Fest!

Junior Committee – Meeting will be held at the North Ridgeville Branch of the Lorain County Library on a day and time to be annonced. We will have food and as always, we would like at least one parent to attend this important meeting. 

Please CLICK ON “APPLY NOW” and download the application, get it filled out and have a parent sign it.  Also, please download and fill out the Emergency Form and Misconduct Form. All three forms can be sent by US Mail.


Then you can Join us for our FIRST meeting!

So send in the application Today!

If you still have questions then
give Brenda a call at 440-353-0479.

Receive Community Service Credit for High School Students